About HSCSD1

HSCSD # 1 will inspire students, staff and community to be the recognized educational leader in the state of Wyoming.

We believe in:

  • Learning as the fundamental purpose for our work
  • A collaborative culture in which we learn together
  • A focus on results
  • Partnerships with parents & community
  • Ensuring that all students are prepared for any path they choose

Hot Springs County School District No. 1 Goals

Goal #1:To refine the present system of continuous improvement through focus and implementation of the PLC model to ensure that learning and teaching is producing desired goals.

  1. Regular reporting to the board regarding process of PLC work
  2. Increase percentage of students by ten percent reaching college readiness targets by content areas as determined by Explore, Plan and ACT.
  3. Implement strategies to achieve 100% graduation rate.
  4. Implement strategies to improve composite average ACT to 22.
  5. Increase achievement in all academic areas with emphasis on Math.

Goal #2: Develop communication strategies to effectively engage parents, community and state policymakers to create a greater understanding of the educational priorities of the district and the partnerships necessary for ALL students to succeed.

  1. Develop consistent presentations to be made to parents at all levels.
  2. Create commitment agreements between school and parents.
  3. Utilize Message Board to convey information to stimulate interest of patrons.
  4. Use activity events to message district accomplishments.
  5. Work with and involve the board to formalize stakeholder engagement plan.

Goal #3: Explore ways to increase wage and benefit compensation to mirror district and community expectations.

  1. Study comparable districts to determine how our compensation package compares.
  2. Calculate steps and lanes as early as possible to project compensation commitments for ensuing years.
  3. Evaluate other funding sources to determine if funds can be made available to improve compensation.
  4. Evaluate existing funding to determine if there is potential to increase efficiencies.
  5. Research options related to the possibility of creating alternative compensation opportunities.

Goal #4: Continue to prioritize the work of the district to ensure that appropriate time is available to meet the district goals.

  1. Reporting Accountability of Smart goals.
  2. Prioritize collaboration as reflected in building schedules.
  3. Standardize teacher-team meetings using PLC model.

Adopted by the Hot Springs County School District No. 1 Board of Trustees on August 16, 2012. vis id.