Business Office

The Business Office for Hot Springs County School District #1 is located in the Auditorium Building along with the High School Band and Choir rooms, the Curriculum Office, Lights On, and Special Education.

The Business Office consists of four personnel. When you walk in the door, you are met by Kathy Groh or Dorothy Rhodes. Their jobs are accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and keeping the federal funds in line with federal requirements. Kathy started her job in 2014 and Dorothy in 2005.

The next office is for payroll. Veva Blakesley does the payroll. After you have been hired, Veva is probably one of the first people you are told to see. She will give you all of the paperwork regarding employment and explain your benefits. If you have to report on timesheets, Veva will be the one to get the paperwork. Veva started with the district in 2009.

The office after payroll is for the Business Manager, who is Colleen Anderson. Colleen’s job involves working with the Board of Education, Superintendent, and all of the Supervisors to make sure that all is running smooth. She spends many hours making reports for the State of Wyoming and the school board, working with the budget, signing all time sheets and vouchers, and keeping up with federal and state guidelines. Colleen started with the district in 2009.

Meet the Business Office Team