Every effort is made to provide the safest possible environment during arrival and departure from the schools. We are very proud of our district's transportation safety record, which is a direct result of conscientious service by our transportation staff. The consideration and cooperation of parents can help the children understand that riding a school bus is a privilege, and rules of conduct are necessary for their safety and the safety of others on the bus.

Meet the Transportation Team

  • Carl Amos
    Carl Amos
  • Shari Beck
    Bus Aide
    Shari Beck
  • Randy Capelle
    Bus Driver
    Randy Capelle
  • Mike Ervin
    Crossing Guard
    Mike Ervin
  • Jerry Fields
    Bus Driver
    Jerry Fields
  • Charleen Fields
    Bus Aide
    Charleen Fields
  • Adam Frankson
    Bus Driver
    Adam Frankson
  • Sheila Harris
    Bus Aide
    Sheila Harris
  • Rebecca Herring
    Bus Aide
    Rebecca Herring
  • JoAnn Larson
    Bus Aide
    JoAnn Larson
  • Dale Petty
    Crossing Guard
    Dale Petty
  • Barbara Petty
    Bus Driver
    Barbara Petty
  • Jackie Price
    Bus Aide
    Jackie Price
  • Dave Ramsey
    Bus Aide
    Dave Ramsey
  • Cynthia Robertson
    Crossing Guard
    Cynthia Robertson
  • Dennis Russell
    Bus Driver
    Dennis Russell
  • Mike Sutherland
    Bus Driver
    Mike Sutherland
  • Jeryl Tippets
    Bus Driver
    Jeryl Tippets
  • Aaron Turner
    Bus Aide
    Aaron Turner