Local Preschools

Absaroka Head Start
Head Start is a preschool serving children ages 3 to 5. Head Start uses the High Scope and Emergent curriculum, which means everything in the classroom is age appropriate and lessons are individualized to each child’s interests. At Head Start children learn through play and the staff is there to help the children explore, grow socially, emotionally, and prepare for kindergarten. It is an income based free preschool however, over income families may be accepted. To find out if you qualify this year or would like to be placed on the waiting list for future years call Absaroka Head Start at 864-5481.

Children’s Resource Center
Children’s Resource Center has teachers and therapists that are licensed and/or certified in their field of expertise. The CRC provides services to children birth through school age. They provide special education and related services necessary for children to succeed in age appropriate activities. They provide a variety of activities that help all children develop pre-academic, motor, language, social and independence skills. CRC is dedicated in helping every child be successful and supporting families as their child grows. Call the Children’s Resource Center, CRC, at 864-9227 if you have questions.