Named Wyoming Elementary/Middle Schools Principal of the Year and National Distinguished Principal in 2016, 2017, and Wyoming Secondary Schools Principal of the Year in 2020, Breez Longwell Daniels is currently the Hot Springs County High School principal. Daniels has also served as Thermopolis Middle School principal for eight years. Daniels is a fifth-generation Wyoming native.

Daniels believes in creating a culture of learning for high school students. This “No Opt Out” environment includes a system of support and interventions, as well as accelerations, to maximize high levels of learning for all students in each content area.

Daniels published her first article in the All Things PLC magazine in Fall 2018: "Growing a PLC from Rural Roots." In the summer of 2020 Daniels's book, PLC and Your Small School - Building, Deepening, and Sustaining a Culture of Collaboration for Singletons, was published by Solution Tree.

Daniels believes the Professional Learning Community model transforms student learning in small schools through vertical collaborative teams for teachers, the triangulation of data, and building-wide roundtables for teachers to learn together. Daniels is an advocate for preparing small and rural school students for the academic rigor of career-technical, college, and military readiness, and she believes teachers in small schools are the crucial factor in student success.