There are three schools in our district, Ralph Witters Elementary (grades K-4), Thermopolis Middle School (grades 5-8) and Thermopolis High School (grades 9-12). All of our schools are fully accredited by the Wyoming State Board of Education and the North Central Association.

Our district is known for its friendly, caring schools. With a total district enrollment of fewer than 700 students, we are afforded the time and resources it takes to give each student the personalized attention that he or she deserves to find success.

Ralph Witters Elementary

The school known as Ralph Witters Elementary was first built as Springview School in 1952. At that time, Ralph Witters was the principal of another Thermopolis elementary building, Hill School. He had begun as principal of Hill School in 1946 and would continue in this role for more than 30 years, retiring in 1978.

By 1994, growing student enrollment moved the fourth and fifth-grade students to Lucerne Intermediate School, just north of Thermopolis. Construction on another addition to Ralph Witters began in 2006 and was completed for the 2007-08 school year. With the newly expanded building, the fourth and fifth graders returned to the building, bringing Ralph Witters back to its original purpose as a school for all students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

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Thermopolis Middle School

The staff at Thermopolis Middle School is the best you will find; they are focused on the teaching and learning process every single school day. In our building, we are committed to excellence. This includes offering our students programs and opportunities to prepare them for their high school years and beyond. If you are a parent, we want to thank you for sending us your student and trusting that we are doing the right work to prepare your child for his or her future. The student environment is safe, friendly and learning-centered. Our classrooms are rich with technology that represent the real-world tools our students will use throughout their academic careers and beyond. High expectations for students means that every school day is centered around the rigors of reading, writing, and mathematics across the curriculum.

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Hot Springs County High School

Hot Springs County High School takes the responsibility to provide the best possible educational program in a supportive and challenging learning environment. Each HSCHS student must take responsibility for his/her attendance and participation in this educational program. Regular attendance is vitally important to each student. It can directly affect his/her progress academically and the development of attitudes and habits for later life. The more absences a student accumulates, the less he/she can adequately participate in and understand classroom activities. Learning to regularly attend and to be on time is a goal that will help students be successful beyond high school.

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