TMS Lights On Program

TMS Lights On Afterschool offers quality enrichment and academic activities throughout the school year and summer. With monthly themes, hands-on activities, and dedicated staff; the afterschool provides optimal programming to meet the needs of all students and families. Weekly activities include specific themes to encourage higher-order thinking, student engagement, and relevance to the school day. Tuesdays and Thursdays are club days, students get to choose from a variety of exciting topics that build life-long skills and foundational knowledge. Programming will include topics such as STEAM (Science, Math, Engineering, Art, and Math), service learning, computer science, and college/career readiness skills to ignite interest in these growing fields. Students have the opportunity to participate in teamwork and skill-building through Destination Imagination. Lights On sponsors various family nights and engagement activities throughout the year as well. Students interested in attending are encouraged and welcome to participate! Contact the TMS Site Coordinator, Rachel Johnson or the Lights On Program Coordinator, Julia Scott for more information.