Thermopolis Middle School

TMS1Thermopolis Middle School serves all students in the fifth through eighth grades. At Thermopolis Middle School, we are proud of our diversity of learners who come together as a collective community. Bobcats always strive to learn more, better themselves, be supportive of others and have a little bit of fun too!

200 students
17:1 student/teacher ratio

TMS Collective Commitments

At Thermopolis Middle School we have established these guiding actions as a reflection of our values as educators and professionals. Our collective commitments are intended as a means of informal personal assessment. They represent our shared purpose and will guide our daily work and decision making.

1. As educators, we are committed to continuous improvement, learning and personal growth.

2. We will regard ALL students as OUR students.

3. We will keep student learning as the central focus.

4. We are committed to learning from each other and capitalizing on each others’ strengths.

5. We will provide challenging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curriculum through collaborative work around the 4 essential PLC questions.

6. We will focus on measurable academic growth for every student in reading, math, science and writing.

7. We will establish and communicate high expectations for ALL students in a positive manner.

8. ALL TMS staff will demonstrate an understanding of the critical role they play in student academic growth and achievement.

9. Mutual accountability is key to our success. At TMS we will continue to develop a culture of shared leadership and decision making that is student centered.

10. At TMS we will continue to seek creative ways to celebrate each other, this includes students and staff.

Principal’s Message

  • Breez Longwell Daniels

    Welcome to our Thermopolis Middle School webpage. We have the honor of working with outstanding students and their families. The staff at Thermopolis Middle School is the best you will find, they are focused on the teaching and learning process every single school day. In our building we are committed to excellence. This includes offering our students programs and opportunities to prepare them for their high school years and beyond.

    If you are a parent, we want to thank you for sending us your student and trusting that we are doing the right work to prepare your child for his or her future. The student environment is safe, friendly and learning centered. Our classrooms are rich with technology that represent the real world tools our students will use throughout their academic careers and beyond. High expectations for students means that every school day is centered around the rigors of reading, writing and mathematics across the curriculum.

    If you are a community member, we want to thank you for your support of our school district. Superintendent Hunt often says they didn’t build these beautiful schools in Hot Springs County so I can be superintendent or you can be principal. The community built these wonderful schools so our children can have a quality education. Our schools are for our students!

    If you are a parent considering relocating to Thermopolis or Hot Springs County we encourage your family to stop by for a visit. We will provide you with information about our small class sizes, academic opportunities and extensive extracurriculars.

    It is an honor to work as an education leader in my hometown. Over the years I have taught technology classes for K-5 students and adult learners. I have taught social studies and reading strategies at the junior high level. I taught for Central Wyoming College in their workforce education department for three years. I have written instructional resources and curriculum published by Teacher Created Materials. I have traveled as an adjunct instructor for Lesley University for 10 years, teaching graduate courses to teachers earning their master’s degrees in over 12 states. Most recently I have been an instructional facilitator and director of technology for HSCSD1. At this time it is a great pleasure to be at Thermopolis Middle School where I can be part of a team that makes a difference everyday in the lives of the students of Hot Springs County School District #1.

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