Thermopolis Middle School

TMS1Thermopolis Middle School serves all students in the fifth through eighth grades. At Thermopolis Middle School, we are proud of our diversity of learners who come together as a collective community. Bobcats always strive to learn more, better themselves, be supportive of others and have a little bit of fun too!

200 students
17:1 student/teacher ratio

TMS Collective Commitments

At Thermopolis Middle School we have established these guiding actions as a reflection of our values as educators and professionals. Our collective commitments are intended as a means of informal personal assessment. They represent our shared purpose and will guide our daily work and decision making.

1. As educators, we are committed to continuous improvement, learning and personal growth.

2. We will regard ALL students as OUR students.

3. We will keep student learning as the central focus.

4. We are committed to learning from each other and capitalizing on each others’ strengths.

5. We will provide challenging, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curriculum through collaborative work around the 4 essential PLC questions.

6. We will focus on measurable academic growth for every student in reading, math, science and writing.

7. We will establish and communicate high expectations for ALL students in a positive manner.

8. ALL TMS staff will demonstrate an understanding of the critical role they play in student academic growth and achievement.

9. Mutual accountability is key to our success. At TMS we will continue to develop a culture of shared leadership and decision making that is student centered.

10. At TMS we will continue to seek creative ways to celebrate each other, this includes students and staff.

Principal's Message

  • Breez

    I have the honor and privilege of being the 5th-12th grade principal in Hot Springs County School District #1. We have around 200 students total in our high school, about 50 per grade level. Our students are hard working, demonstrate great citizenship and many are proud participants in Bobcat athletics and activities!

    Being both middle school and high school principal I have the leadership task of creating a bridge to sustain our professional learning community goals of higher levels of learning for all students.

    I have the unique opportunity of being a principal in my hometown. I am actually a fifth generation Hot Springs County resident and take great pride in being part of creating a quality educational environment for the next generation.

    Prior to becoming principal I was the Hot Springs County School District Instructional Facilitator/Director of Instructional Technology. This work included developing the Digital Educator Leadership Team (DELT) and building a collaborative culture around technology integration in the classroom.

    Over the past 20 years, I have enjoyed a number of work assignments as an educator. I had the privilege of being an adjunct professor at Lesley University working with teachers earning their master’s degrees. This allowed me to travel to over 15 states and teach hundreds of teachers in a weekend format for ten years. Each Lesley University assignment was in a school setting with a focus on curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Through these travels, I realized how fortunate we are in Wyoming to have up to date modern school facilities and educational resources.

    I was also a teacher in Campbell County School District for three years, teaching 9th grade Social Studies and 7th/8th-grade Reading Strategies at Sage Valley Junior High. This experience gave me an opportunity to grow as a classroom teacher and realize how much I enjoyed helping students transition between middle and high school, it is a critical time for students!

    Hot Springs County High School is focused on student learning. As a student-centered school, we work hard to ensure all students are learning every day. It is a privilege to provide leadership at Hot Springs County High School!

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