Section E: Support Services

Policy EA – Support Service Goals
Policy EAA – Evaluation of Support Services
Policy EB – Safety Program
Policy EBA – Building & Grounds Inspection
Policy EBAA – Notification of Pesticide Application
Policy EBAB – Hazardous Materials
Policy EBAB-R – Written Hazard Communication Program
Policy EBB – First Aid & Safety Precautions
Policy EBBA Prevention of Disease-Infection Transmission
Policy EBBA-R2 – Blood borne Pathogen Control Plan
Policy EBBA-R2 – Blood borne Pathogen Control Plan
Policy EBBB – Accident Reports
Policy EBBB-E1 Accident Report
Policy EBBB-E2 – Property Damage Accident Report Form
Policy EBC – Emergency Disaster Plans
Policy EBCE – School Closing & Cancellations
Policy EBCE-R – Emergency Plan & Closing Procedure
Policy EC – Bldg, Grounds, Property Management
Policy ECA – Security
Policy ECAC – Vandalism
Policy ECB – Bldgs & Ground Maintenance
Policy ECE – Traffic & Parking Procedures
Policy EDB – Maint & Control of Materials & Equipment
Policy EDC – Use of School-Owned Materials & Equipment
Policy EDC-E – Authorized Use Form
Policy EDC-R – Student Sign Out of Retired Computers
Policy EEA – Student Transportation
Policy EEAA – Walkers & Riders
Policy EEAA-R – Walkers & Riders
Policy EEAC – Bus Scheduling & Routing
Policy EEACA – Alcohol & Substance Testing
Policy EEAE – Bus Safety Program
Policy EEAE-R – Bus Safety Program
Policy EEAEA – Bus Driver Requirements
Policy EEAEA-R – Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing
Policy EEAF – Special Use of School Buses
Policy EEAF-E – School Bus Charter Agreement
Policy EF – Food Services
Policy EFA – Cafeteria Policy
Policy EFAA – Use of Surplus Commodities
Policy EFAB – Procurement Policy
Policy EFAB-E(1) – Request for Quotation
Policy EFAB-E Procurement Policy – Certification
Policy EFC – Free & Reduced Price Food Services
Policy EFI – Food Service Records & Reports
Policy EGAD Copyright Policy
Policy EGAD-R Copyright Policy
Policy EHA – Student Data Security
Policy EHAA Computer-Technology Security
Policy EHAA-E – Acknowledgement of Computer Security Policy
Policy EI – Insurance Management