Section G: Personnel – Classified

Policy GD – Support & Classified Staff Policies
Policy GDA – Classified & Support Staff Positions
Policy GDB – Classified Salary & Fringe Benefits
Policy GDBA – Classified Salary Schedules
Policy GDBC – Classified Supplementary Pay
Policy GDBD – Support Staff Fringe Benefits
Policy GDC – Support Staff Leaves and Absences
Policy GDC-R – Guidelines for Sick Leave Bank
Policy GDCC – Classified Staff Family & Medical Leave
Policy GDCD – Support Staff Military Leave
Policy GDD – Classified Staff Vacations & Holidays
Policy GDD-R – Carryover of Additional Vacation Days
Policy GDE – Classified Staff Recruitment and Hiring
Policy GDG – Sub Classified Staff Employment
Policy GDJ – Support Staff Assignments & Transfers
Policy GDK – Classified Staff Time Schedule & Calendars
Policy GDM – Classified Staff Development
Policy GDO – Evaluation of Support Staff
Policy GDO-E – Classified Evaluation
Policy GDQA – Reduction in Classified Staff Work Force
Policy GDQB – Resignation of Support Staff
Policy GDQD – Discipline, Suspension, & Dismissal of Support Staff
Policy GDR – Admin-Supervisory-Other Relations Committee