Section G: Personnel – Certified

Policy GCA – Professional Staff Positions
Policy GCB – Professional Contracts & Compensation
Policy GCB-R(1) – Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation
Policy GCB-R(2) – Professional Staff Contracts & Compensation Plans
Policy GCBA-GCBC – Professional Staff Compensation Plans & Supplemental (Extra-Duty) Pay
Policy GCBB – Application for Continuing Contract – Portfolio
Policy GCBD – Professional Staff Fringe Benefits
Policy GCC – Professional Staff Leaves & Absences
Policy GCCA – Professional Staff-Short Term Leaves
Policy GCCA-R – Guidelines for Sick Leave Bank
Policy GCCAD – Military Leave
Policy GCD – Pro Staff Vacations & Holidays
Policy GCD-R – Carryover Addt’l Vacation Days.
Policy GCE – Professional Staff Recruiting
Policy GCEC – Posting & Advertising Pro Staff Vacancies
Policy GCF – Pro Staff Hiring
Policy GCF-R – Pro Staff Hiring
Policy GCG – Part-Time Sub Pro Staff Employment
Policy GCI – Pro Staff Development
Policy GCJ – Pro Staff Probation & Tenure
Policy GCK – Pro Staff Assignments & Transfers
Policy GCL – Pro Staff Schedules & Calendars
Policy GCM – Pro Staff Work Load
Policy GCOA – Evaluation of Instructional Staff
Policy GCQ – Professional Staff Termination of Employment
Policy GCQA – Instructional Staff Reduction in Force
Policy GCQC-GCQD Resignation of Professional Staff
Policy GCQF – Discipline, Suspension, & Dismissal of Professional Staff
Policy GCR – Non-School Employment of Professional Staff