Section I: Instruction

Policy IA - Mission Statement
Policy IB - Academic Freedom
Policy IC - School Year-Calendar
Policy ID - School Day
Policy IE - Organization of Instruction
Policy IGA - Curriculum Development
Policy IGF - Curriculum Review-Course Changes
Policy IHA - Instructional Program
Policy IHAL - Teaching About Religion
Policy IHAR - Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Programs
Policy IHAR-E - Agreement Between Home School & HSCSD#1
Policy IHB - Special Instructional Programs
Policy IHBA Child Find Policy
Policy IHBA-R Child Find
Policy IHBAB Special Education Confidentiality Requirements
Policy IHBAB-R Special Education Confidentiality Requirements
Policy IHBAC Special Education Program Options
Policy IHBAE Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
Policy IHBAE-R Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
Policy IHBAF Special Education Evaluation and Eligibility
Policy IHBAF-R Special Education Evaluation & Eligibility
Policy IHBAG Response to Intervention
Policy IHBAG-R Response To Intervention
Policy IHBC - Programs for at risk-disadvantaged students
Policy IHBC-E - BIT Flow Chart
Policy IHBC-R - At Risk Students
Policy IHBF - Homebound Instruction
Policy IHBG - Home Schooling
Policy IHBG-E - Form for reporting Home based education
Policy IHBH - Alternative School Programs
Policy IHBIA - Kindergarten Entrance Screening
Policy IHC - Extended Instructional Program
Policy IHCA - Summer School
Policy IHCD - Advanced College Placement
Policy IJ - Instructional Resources & Materials
Policy IJ-E - Textbook & Instructiona Materials Selection Process
Policy IJL - Library Materials Selection & Adoption
Policy IJLA - Complaint Procedure to Challenge Instructional or Library Materials
Policy IJLA-E - Request for Reconsideration of Education Material
Policy IJNDA - Computer-Assisted Instruction
Policy IJNDA-E Internet Use Agreement
Policy IJOA - Field Trips & Excursions
Policy IJOA-E- Field Trip Request Form
Policy IJOA-R - Field Trip & Excursions
Policy IJOB - Community Resource Speakers
Policy IJOB-E - Speaker Request Form
Policy IJOC - School Volunteers
Policy IJOC-E(1) - Volunteer Code of Conduct
Policy IJOC-E(2) Volunteer Informatin Form
Policy IK - Academic Achievement
Policy IKB - Homework
Policy IKC - Class Rankings
Policy IKD - Honor Rolls
Policy IKE - Elementary- Middle School (K-8) Retention Policy
Policy IKF - Graduation Requirements
Policy IKFB - Graduation Exercises
Policy ILB - Test-Assessment Administration
Policy IMB - Controversial-Sensitive Issues
Policy IMBB - Exemptions from Required Instruction
Policy IMD - School Ceremonies and Observance
Policy IMDA - Patriotic Exercises
Policy IMDB - Flag Displays