Section J: Students

Policy JB - Equal Educational Opportunities
Policy JBA Discrimination-Student Complaint Procedure
Policy JBA-E - EEO Grievance Procedure Form
Policy JBAA - Children At Risk
Policy JBAB - Student Threats of Violence
Policy JBAB-R - Student Threats of Violence
Policy JE - Student Attendance
Policy JEA - Compulsory Attendance Ages
Policy JEA-E Consent to Withdrawal
Policy JEB - Entrance Age
Policy JF - Student Admissions
Policy JFA - Admission Policy
Policy JFAB - Admission of Non-Resident Students
Policy JFABB - Admission of Foreign Exchange Students
Policy JG - Assignment of Students to Classes & Grade levels
Policy JH - Student Absences and Excuses
Policy JHCA - Pre-High School Closed Campus Policy
Policy JHE - Student Dismissal Precautions
Policy JI - School Student Responsibility Policy
Policy JIBA - Student Government
Policy JIC - Student Conduct
Policy JICA - Student Dress
Policy JICB - Care of School Property by Students
Policy JICC - Student Conduct on School Buses
Policy JICC-R - Student Conduct on School Buses
Policy JICE - Student Publications
Policy JICF - Secret Society-Gang Activity-Hazings
Policy JICFA Harassment-Intimidation-Bullying
Policy JICG-JICH - Alcohol-Tobacco-Drug-Substance Abuse
Policy JICI - Weapons in School
Policy JIE-JIG - Pregnant-Married Students
Policy JIH - Student Interrogations-Searches-Arrest
Policy JIH-R - Use of the Narcotics Dog
Policy JII - Student Grievances
Policy JJA - Student Organizations
Policy JJAB - Limited Open Forum
Policy JJB - Student Social Events
Policy JJC - Student Performances-Exhibits-Competition
Policy JJE - Student Fund Raising Activities
Policy JJF - Student Activity Funds
Policy JJG - Contests for Students
Policy JJI - Student Athletics
Policy JJID - Student Physicals for School Athletics
Policy JJIF Concussions
Policy JJIF-R Concussions
Policy JK - Student Discipline
Policy JKA - Supervision of Student Behavior & Corporal Discipline
Policy JKC - Probation of Students
Policy JKD-JKE - Suspension or Expulsion of Students
Policy JL -Health & Wellness
Policy JL-R Wellness Policy
Policy JLA - Student Insurance Coverage
Policy JLC - Student Health Services & Requirements
Policy JLCB - Immunization of Students
Policy JLCC - Communicable-Infectious Diseases
Policy JLCC-R - Pediculus Humanus Capitis (Lice)
Policy JLCCA - HIV-AIDS-Student Policy
Policy JLCD - Administering Meds to Students
Policy JLCD-E1 Medication Protocol
Policy JLCD-E2 Request for Administration by Non-Nursing Staff of Over-the-Counter Medication
Policy JLCE - First Aid & Emergency Medical Care
Policy JLD - Guidance and Counseling
Policy JLDBB - Suicide Prevention
Policy JLDBB-R Suicide Prevention Procedure
Policy JLF - Reporting Child Abuse-Child Protection
Policy JLF-R - Reporting Child Abuse
Policy JLG Homeless Children
Policy JFABD-JLG-E - Referral for Homeless Child
Policy JLIB - Student Dismissal Precautions
Policy JLJ Seclusion & Restraint
Policy JLJ-E1 Physical Restraint Incident Report
Policy JLJ-E2 Isolation Incident Report Form
Policy JLJ-R Seclusion-Restraint Regulation
Policy JP - Student Gifts
Policy JQ - Student Fees, Fines and Charges
Policy JRA - Student Records
Policy JRA-E - Request for Disclosure of Student Records
Policy JRA-R - Maintenance, Transfer, & Disclosure of Student Educational Records
Policy JRAB - Student Records & Non-custodial Parents