Section K: School-Community Relations

Policy KA -School-Parent-Community Relations Goals
Policy KBDA – Parent & Family Engagement (Title I Schools)
Policy KCD – Public Gifts-Donations to Schools
Policy KD-KB – Public Communication-Public’s Right to Know
Policy KDD – News Media Relations
Policy KDDA – News Releases
Policy KDF – Community Participation at Board Meetings
Policy KDG – Video Taping & Filming of School Activities
Policy KE – Public Concerns & Complaints
Policy KF – Use of School Facilities & Equipment
Policy KF-E – Facility_Use_Application
Policy KF-E(2) – Waiver of Liability for Ropes Course
Policy KF-R – Regs for Use of School Facilities & Equipment
Policy KFA – Public Conduct on School Property
Policy KH – Solicitations in the Schools
Policy KHB – Advertising in the Schools
Policy KI – Visitors to Schools
Policy KIB – Sex Offenders on School Property
Policy KIB-E Access to School Property by Sex Offenders
Policy KIBA – Prohibited Assistance to Sex Offender
Policy KJ – Relations with Community Organizations
Policy KJC – Relations with Churches