CJ Scholl


I grew up in the town of Rockford which is a suburb outside of Grand Rapids, MI. Rockford is a small town but a huge district. Though it has a small town feel my graduating class was over 800 students. I am the middle child I have an older sister and a younger brother. I am very active, I love to move. I am sure you will probably see me running around town often, If I’m not hunting or on the river fishing. I feel at home in the outdoors and love to be outside.

While I was at Rockford I played Football, I wrestled, and I played lacrosse. I went to college at Grand Valley State University in west Michigan, where I played lacrosse. I was awarded All-American honors while my time playing as well as competed for three national championships. Competition is a way of life and a great way to stay motivated. I love to compete at any level.

Coaching is a passion of mine. While my time in Michigan I coached four sports at Rockford High School. In the fall I coached Football, in the winter I coached two sports I coached tumbling and gymnastics as well as wrestling. Then in the spring I coach lacrosse.

In 2014, I accepted the PE/Health teaching job here at Hot Springs County High School. I also accepted the head wrestling coaching job. I can’t wait for the school year and the season to get going. Go Bobcat!


Phone: (307) 864-6511 ext. 544

Email: cscholl@hotsprings1.org