Dan Syljuberget

District Librarian

Dan Syljuberget is the high school librarian for Hot Springs County School District. (“Sil-you-berg-it,” optionally “Dr. S” in the schools). He has been a school librarian for 20 years and a part-time college instructor for many years. He has lived in South Dakota most of his life (born and raised in Aberdeen, lived in the Black Hills from 2000 to 2011). Dan also has lived in the Pacific Northwest for two different stretches, totaling nine years.

Throughout the 2000s, Dan was the district librarian at Hill City School District in the Black Hills of South Dakota. In recent years, this library functioned as a combination school and public library; accordingly it served the information and reading needs of local public public patrons, students, teachers, and tourists. In the 1990s, Dan was the district librarian and a high school Language Arts teacher at Avon School District in southeastern South Dakota.

Dan has taught college English part-time since 1988 including classes for South Dakota State University, Ihanktonwan Community College, and most recently for Black Hills State University. He was awarded a star quilt by his students and staff at the 2000 Ihanktonwan Community College graduation for his educational service to the Yankton Sioux Tribe.

In 1986, Dan earned his bachelors degree in secondary education/language arts from Western Oregon State University. He earned a masters degree in English from South Dakota State University in 1990, a masters degree in library science with emphasis in school library from Emporia State University (Kansas) in 1996. in 2010, Dan earned a doctorate in educational administration from the University of South Dakota.

A peak experience for Dan came in 1984 when he lived and worked with a family of Yup’ik Eskimos at their summer fish camp on an island on the lower Yukon River in southwestern Alaska. This experience was the springboard decades later for his doctoral dissertation. This qualitative sociological study of an Alaskan Native K-12 educator focused on college persistence among American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Dan held a variety of jobs throughout his teens and twenties while going to school. During this era, he was a commercial fruit harvester, a short order cook, a commercial fisherman, a landscaping laborer, a convenience store worker, an insurance salesman, a sporting goods salesman, and a beekeeper’s assistant.

An outdoor enthusiast, Dan loves hiking and wildlife observation. A hunter of small and big-game since an early age, he especially enjoys pronghorn hunting. He occasionally sings, plays the guitar, and writes nonfiction. As summers and holidays often find Dan visiting family and friends in South Dakota, Oregon, Colorado, and Arizona, northwestern Wyoming is an ideal location for him.

A life-long learner, Dan enjoys learning about new things and new people. He is curious about the diverse ecology of Wyoming. He looks forward to being a part of the progressive community of Thermopolis and Hot Springs County School District as well a mentoring high school students to be problem-solving, critical thinkers able to tackle most of life’s challenges beyond high school.

Phone: 307-864-6511 ext. 542

Email: dsyljuberget@hotsprings1.org