Laurie Graves

RWE Principal

The journey that has led me to become a part of this dynamic community and school system has been filled with learning experiences and people who have helped me develop into the person I am today. I am excited to begin this new journey at Ralph Witters Elementary. The school is a vital center to the Thermopolis community and I look forward to continuing the established relationships and developing new ones. There are many new faces at Ralph Witters Elementary who are also excited to become part of the colorful and rich tapestry that make up this educational community.
Working within a Professional Learning Community, with the goal of becoming one of the top performing schools in Wyoming, offers many exciting challenges that I am confident the staff and myself are ready to face. There are numerous, rich learning opportunities already in place at Ralph Witters Elementary and I am thrilled to be working with a staff who are ready to take on new and different ways of instruction. We have established a science lab for hands-on exploration and also are offering a Kinder Boost program for those individuals in need of fostering the early developmental skills. Staff have been working collaboratively to create assessments that can accurately measure student performance and that align better to the state accountability measurements. It is my belief that the learning experiences offered at Ralph Witters Elementary will provide students with real and relevant opportunities that will better prepare them for their educational journey. Again, it brings me great pleasure to be joining such a dynamic team who are all focused on one thing – student success!

Most sincerely, Laurie Graves

Phone: 307-864-6561