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Reserve a Facility

Instructions To Applicant:

This application must be submitted to the District Calendar Secretary at least ten business days prior to the day of the event.

Priority of facilities will go to school activities and activities of non-school organizations that benefit HSCSD school-age children.

Applicants must complete all information on the application.

All non-school events must provide proof of liability insurance to the Business Office prior to the date of the event.

Regulations/Procedures For Use Of School Facilities And Equipment

General Information:

  1. Use of facilities and equipment will be at no charge for school functions, teacher in-service, staff development, and activities of non-school organizations, which are completely non-profit and benefit and involve HSCSD school-age children. Users may be required to pay specific costs, such as required facility monitoring, clean-up fees, damage costs, etc.
  2. Groups that realize a profit will be charged for District costs and the District usage fees as listed below.
  3. The District assumes no responsibility for injury to any individual using a District facility, nor does the District assume liability for lost or stolen items belonging to an individual using a District facility. Any individual, group, or member of a group using a District facility will indemnify and hold the District harmless of any liability in the event of any such injury or theft.
  4. All meetings and activities must cease no later than 11:00 pm unless special permission is granted.
  5. All organizations will be held responsible for the condition of the area they use, leaving it in a clean and operable condition as determined by the Building Principal, Custodial Supervisor, and/or District employee supervising the event. Should any damage be incurred or the area left in an unclean condition as the result of an activity, the organization/group will be charged for the actual repair costs or cleaning and shall pay the amount charged to the District within 30 days. Normal fees for the supervision of kitchens or Auditorium technicians will be charged after school hours.
  6. Possession and/or use of tobacco products, illicit drugs, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on School District premises.
  7. The facility use permit is limited to the described activity, specific room(s), or area requested, and any changes to the described activity must be approved by the HSCSD Supervisor.
  8. District keys shall not be loaned or issued to non-school personnel without District approval. Unless a permit is approved, school personnel may not unlock facilities for community activities.
  9. Any other permit or certificate required from police, health, or other governmental agency(s) (i.e., food permit for selling and making food in the kitchen, etc.) must be obtained by and is the responsibility of the user. Failure to obtain any required permit may be cause for immediate cancellation. The Administration or Business Office will determine this. The District may request to see proof of any required permit or certificate.
  10. Animals in school facilities are prohibited without specific permission. This does not prohibit the use of guide dogs by the blind.

Insurance Requirements:

  1. Proof of liability insurance must be on file with the Business Office before the date of the event. This insurance may be through a state or national affiliation, individual policies, or through the HSC Recreation Board. Acceptable proof of insurance would include an ACCORD Certificate or a copy of a letter from the insurance carrier indicating coverage. Without proof of insurance, the event will be canceled.

Application Procedures:

  1. Actual approval of the facility requested is not given until the building usage application form is completed and signed by the group representative and all District personnel. No facility will be used without this application and the completion of the process. This applies to in-district and outside organizations.
  2. All long-term rental agreements must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.
  3. To cancel, at least 48 hours' notice must be given to the Business Office receptionist by the requesting group to avoid charges.
  4. At the sole discretion of the District, prior payment may be required of an individual or group renting the District facility.
  5. The District must receive the usage fee no later than 30 days after the billing date. If payment is not received within that time, any future rentals will be denied and/or rental contracts canceled until the account is paid in full.


  1. A responsible adult from the organization using the facility will assume direct responsibility for the supervision and enforcement of district policies and regulations for any facility use and will be present at all times.
  2. A minimum of one district employee designated by the Building Principal and/or Custodial Supervisor must be on the premises or on call at all times. The authorized district employee may be a volunteer and/or non-paid. [If the building usage is after hours, during a time that a custodian is not scheduled to be on the premises and a district employee volunteer is not available, the District will provide a facility monitor or custodian to be present during the facility usage]. For school activities, employee schedules will be arranged to cover custodian and technician duties. For non-school activities that meet #1 under General Information above, efforts will be made to arrange employee schedules, but there may be special charges for custodians, technicians, etc. If no district employees are available, the activity can not proceed. For overnight events, a School District employee will be on call.

Charges and Fees: (See charges listed below)

  1. When it is determined to be in the best interest of the District, a deposit in an amount determined by the Business Office may be required prior to an activity.
  2. An individual or group renting a District facility shall be charged for the entire time they are present in the building (i.e., set up times, shower time after using a school gym, etc.). It shall be the responsibility of the individual or group renting the facility to notify the District employee on the arrival and departure of that group each time the facility is used. The District employee will make an effort to periodically be visible throughout the time of the rental.
  3. Additional charges may be billed to the user for added service that results in extra work hours by District employees, (e.g., setting up chairs and /or tables, moving equipment, etc.).
  4. Whenever a school kitchen is rented, a minimum of one food service employee, or other authorized employee, must be present. The food service employees may assist the group in food service preparation, serving, and cleanup, if requested and scheduled.
  5. Whenever the auditorium stage lighting and sound system are to be used, the District technician must be present to operate the equipment. Only this person, or his designee, can operate the lighting and sound equipment.
  6. Governmental agencies may have the fee waived under specific permission by the Superintendent.

District Usage Fee Structure for Non-HSCSD Activities:

Facility Usage Fee Special Fees
Any Classrooms To be determined  
Gymnasiums/Multi-Purpose Room/Library/Weight Rooms

Elementary School - To be determined

Middle School - To be determined

High School - To be determined

Auditorium & Lobby To be determined Technician - To be determined
Cafeteria General Area

Elementary School - To be determined

Middle School - To be determined

High School - To be determined

Cafeteria and/or Kitchen To be determined To be determined
Custodial/District Maintenance To be determined  
Field/Track To be determined Based on actual need and expense of District. If lighting is needed, District expenses will be reimbursed
Set-up Service To be determined by the supervisor  
Transportation and/or other equipment To be determined by the supervisor  
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